Beginner’s Guide Make the perfect crisp potato chips right @ Home

So, I hear you want to make some potato chips! You’ve come to the right place. Making chips at home is both easy and rewarding. The different flavor combos you can make are endless

Let’s get started!

There is nothing mysterious about making a crisp chips ! Make sure to follow these tips"

4 Tips to follow

01 Use the right potatoes

02  Do the slicing right

03 Prep slices before frying

04 Frying is critical

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Use the right potatoes


- Use Brown Potato for recipe. - Little older potatoes are better than new ones. - They have more starch content and less moisture.

Do the slicing right


- Use a sharp slicer - Slice a thinly as possible - Slice directly into a bowl of water to avoid browning - Slice @ 45degree angle to get larger slices

Prep before frying


– Wash potato slices in water until water runs out clean. This removes excess starch – Air dry on a kitchen towel – Dry in a single layer and don’t put slices on top of each other

Frying is critical


– Fry in batches – Heat oil to high temperature before frying – And reduce to medium while frying – Drain chips in a wide bowl have a sour-tasting loaf or a dry bread with abundance of holes!

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